Behind The Scenes of the TCA 2010 preps!

Credit: @SelenaTheWinner


New header!

We have a new header thanks to the amazing paintedrainbows. She’s so talented, don’t you think so?

Going on a trip!

Hey everyone, it’s Gacia (SoSelenalicious). I just wanted to let you know that I’m going on a vacation trip with my family tomorrow! So the site may not be updated a lot because Dani is also kind of busy. I’m going for about 11 days I think. Sorry if the site won’t be updated but as soon as I come back I’ll post everything! See you soon.
xoxo -Gacia ❤

Thank You :)

We just thought, we needed to thank you guys for visiting the site daily!
It makes us SO proud seeing we get 500+ views everyday!

Make sure you’ll tell every Demi and Selena fan to check our site! If you spread the word about it,  this may get something bigger!

Thank you so much everyone!

Love. Peace. Delena.
Dana & Gaica

Starting new…

Hey everyone! Remember us? We used to be DelenaNews.
We decided to start new so make sure to spread the word about us (thanks if you do)

There’s gonna be alot of new things! Plus it’s summer…Demi & Selena are going to be so busy & we’ll be right here to deliver the news!

Thank you for reading & visiting the site.
-DelenaCrew (aka Gacia & Dani)