Demi – Celebuzz Interview

Demi Lovato Celebuzz interview: How do you remain friends with Joe Jonas?‘Well, you have to, ‘cause you work with him. When you’re hurt, it’s easy to move on, so it was very easy for me to move on.’ Advice for fans attempting to get along with their exes? She laughed, ‘Suck it up.’

On Trey Songs
: ‘I’m kind of digging Trey Songz and he is pretty hot. We followed each other on Twitter and direct message each other.. he’s pretty awesome.’ On possible duet wit Miley: ‘We talked about doing a duo together, like an acoustic or something. That would be really fun to do with her. She’s one of my best friends and she’s super talented, so I’d love to have her on the album.’ On Justin Bieber: ‘He’s a really sweet kid. I’d love to work with him. My little sister loves him & I’m a fan guess you could say I’ve got Bieber Fever.’

On new acting roles: ‘I don’t really feel like I need to do that until I step out of my Disney Channel place. I’m just kind of waiting until the timing is right, but I feel more adult, just living day by day as a newly 18 year old.’


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