Demi: Busy Times, Good Times

In true star fashion, pop singer-actress Demi Lovato had no clue where she was calling from during a recent phone interview.
“I’m not sure; I’m on a tour bus,” Lovato said. “I have no idea, I really don’t.”
It turns out Lovato was in Connecticut, but before you paint the 18-year-old Disney Channel star as a diva, cut her a break. Not only is she on a national tour with the Jonas Brothers, but the Texas native is also the star of Disney’s tween show “Sonny with a Chance” and its successful television movie “Camp Rock.” In fact, it’s the latter role she’s reprising — along with the Jonas Brothers — in the sequel “Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam,” which premieres Sept. 3 on the Disney Channel.
“We had so much fun the first time, I was anxious to see what ‘Camp Rock 2’ would be like and would be about,” Lovato said. “The fans loved the first one and hoped there would be a sequel. There’s a ton of music and ton of dancing in the new movie. It’s more musical-driven, and it’s just really all of us at our peaks trying to do the best we can. Hopefully we nailed it.”

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