Demi: “I just bought a house!

Demi told People:I just bought a house [Mediterranean style outside of LA]. For me to give [that] to my family on my birthday, that was the best present. It’s got pretty much everything you could possibly imagine in it.
It’s the most beautiful, homey-feeling house. I love it. The pool has a water slide, which is really cool.

Demi told MTV: I’m turning 18, yeah. I would love to.. I don’t know! I would love to just have fun with my friends. I don’t get to see my friends a lot, so a lot of my friends are coming out [to visit]. My family flew out. I’m just having a good time with them. I have everything I could possibly want. Everyone’s asking me, ‘What do you want for you birthday?’
I’m like, ‘I don’t know! Handbags?’ Like, I have everything I could want. I’m just thankful.”

Nick: It’s Demi’s birthday in a couple days, like two days. I’m gonna get her.. I can’t say ’cause I do have the gift. We have it. We have it somewhere.”
Joe: “We got her a NASA space shuttel. Fine!”

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