There’s nothing between Selena & Cameron!

Cameron: ‘Selena is one of the nicest, coolest girls I’ve ever met. She’s really cool.’ Nathan added, ‘Super down-to-earth.’

Selena: ‘They are the band that opened for me at my first concert ever, so they hold a special place in my heart. They’re really good friends of mine.’ Clearing up the rumor she is dating Cameron after hugging him after they went bowling: ‘I felt so bad because two other band members were there that night!

I invited the whole band and only a couple could come because the rest were in the recording studio and I invited the cast of my show so it was me and my cast and Allstar Weekend and we went bowling.

I felt so bad because other people were there! It wasn’t anything, I was literally leaving for a really long time to go overseas so I wanted to see all my friends because I left! We all went out and hung out and of course, that one time,

It looks like there’s something there that really wasn’t and I feel really bad but no, there’s nothing going on [With Cameron] and I absolutely love all of them. They’re such good guys and they are good people to have around me!’



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