How to get a call FROM SELENA!

This was recently posted on Selena’s website:

If you’ve been logging into “The Scene” , you’ve seen all the photos we’ve posted from Selena’s summer trip in Europe!

Selena wants to hear about your summer…. literally! Submit a comment below telling Selena about what you did this summer. Did you take a trip? Go to summer camp? Maybe you worked really hard to save up some money to go see her in concert. We’ll read all your comments and send our favorites to Selena and she will call one of you to actually hear about your summer. **BEFORE YOU ENTER, please read the following rules!**

1) Comments must be received by Monday, August 9th, at 12pm EST to be considered in the contest.

2) Don’t include any personal info such as addresses or your last name! Remember Internet safety.

3) Please limit your story to **200 words** or less. Only 1 entry per member, please.

4) You may link to ONE photo (that YOU took) in your comment if applicable. If you’re under 18, make sure to ask permission from your parents before including a photo.
We can’t wait to hear your stories!

HollywoodTunes tweeted:
Who Wants to get a call from Selena Gomez? Then Join the official fan club “The Scene”. Head over to ! #thescenefanclub

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