Selena – My San Antonio interview

Selena had a phone interview with My San Antonio about Ramona and Beezus & how she wants to learn spanish! Make sure to read it because it’s pretty interesting!

She plays the loving and protective big sister in “Ramona and Beezus,” but it’s the precocious kid sister that Selena Gomez finds most relatable.

“I was so her. I was constantly performing (as a kid) and thinking of new things to do. I can totally relate to that,” Gomez said of the Ramona Quimby character, played by newcomer Joey King in the feature film based on the popular book series by Beverly Cleary.

Gomez plays Ramona’s big sister Beezus — a nickname for Beatrice that derives from Ramona’s inability to pronounce the name. “Ramona and Beezus” also stars John Corbett (“Sex and the City”) and Bridget Moynahan (“I, Robot”).

Calling 1984’s “Ramona Forever” her favorite in the series, Gomez said she was an avid reader of the Ramona books, the basis of the “Ramona and Beezus” film.

“I think I read them all in the third grade. Like every kid, I loved them,” she said in a phone interview.

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