Selena – Miami Herald Interview!

While Selena was at the Premios Juventud she talked to the Miami Herald about why she picked Ramona and Beezus and how the process of filming went along! Also there’s an interview with Univision here but it’s in spanish!

Selena Gomez wanted to make sure her first big-screen role was the right fit. Turns out the Disney princesa’s young instincts about costarring in Ramona and Beezus, released Friday, were correct. The G-rater — adapted from children’s author Beverly Cleary’s beloved 1950s books Ramona the Pest — stars Joey King as a mischievous girl getting into everyone’s business, including her older sister, Beatrice (Beezus is a nickname), played by Gomez.

Ramona’s innocence and sense of history were the draw.

“I was very nervous and hesitant, to be honest,” said Gomez, who was in Miami attending the Premios Juventud Awards. “But these books have been around for generations, and I think we honored that.”

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