Selena – Orlando Sentinel interview

Selena talked to the Orlando Sentinel about  how she plans to seperate her professional and personal life. She also talks about her movie career and her prospective in general on how she’ll manage it so make sure to read it!

If all goes according to plan, Selena Gomez’s 18th birthday celebration won’tturn up in the tabloids or the scandalous website TMZ.

“Oh my goodness!” she says, her favorite exclamation. “TMZ? You are NOT seeing me on TMZ!”

She turned 18 the night before her big screen debut in Ramona and Beezus, and it was “going out to dinner with my grandma and grandpa, who’re flying out for my birthday” –all part of her anti-tabloid life and career strategy. “I’m boring. I spend time with my family, hang out with my mom and with a few friends. That’s what works for me. Boring.”

For a starlet with a record deal, one last season of her Disney Channel series (The Wizards of Waverly Place) her own clothing line and a much-imitated hairdo, the freshly-18 Gomez puts a lot of effort into keeping things on the down-low. The starlet Time Out:New York once labeled “the kind of teen idol who won’t give parents nightmares” comes off as “normal,” and “humble.” Take her debut film. If you remember the Beverly Cleary novel about the misadventures of the under-10 Ramona Quimby and the teen sister she still calls “Beezus,” you’ll remember the title was Beezus and Ramona. Gomez is taking second billing.

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