Selenas new Popstar! Interview

Sel, 'I'm Obsessed W/ Sundays At Tiffany's'

New Selena Popstar! Interview.

Question: Are you a fan of Twilight and Harry Potter?

Selena: I love books and reading is very therapeutic so I know that I have a couple of books that I want to make into movies that I hope will happen. I’ve never really been hooked on series. I like to change it up, I like to mix it up. I like to read a thriller and then a romance, different kinds of books!

Question: If you could play a character from any book, in a movie, who would you play?

Selena: I would love to bring Sundays at Tiffany’s to screen. It’s the book I’m reading now. I’m obsessed with it. It’s a book about a girl who has an imaginary friend who goes away and then when she’s older, she meets him again. So it’s kind of interesting. That would be wonderful if it was turned into a movie. Whoever plays her, that would be great.

Question: Are you being considered for The Seven Rays?

Selena: Yes, there are obviously talks of wonderful books I would love to be a part of. As far as anything official, not necessarily. The author, I met her, and she’s very sweet and very wonderful, but I don’t know because there is [Wizards] and commitments that I have but that would be wonderful.


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