Demi: ‘I Might Run Into Crowd On Tour’

Demi, 'I Might Run Into Crowd On Tour'

Demi chatted with Popstar! about her upcoming busy schedule.

Popstar: What can fans expect from the Camp Rock 2 tour?

Demi: It will be awesome. They can expect Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato music. They can expect Camp Rock songs but it’s mainly the Burning Up Tour amplified times a million and with Camp Rock..

..characters, people from the movie. It’s more of our own tour than a Camp Rock tour. We’re just having special guests come on that were in the movie and do their own music. We will be playing some Camp Rock songs but it’s definitely not a Camp Rock 2 tour.

Popstar: 3 reason fans should see the tour?

Demi: Kevin, Nick and Joe! 3 reasons! [Laughs] The meet and greets are going to be awesome. The performances are gonna be so much better than any other tour you’ve see of us, and the connection will be there. I will touch as many hands as possible and you know what? I might even run in the crow, you never know what I’ll do!’

Popstar: What’s the biggest difference in Camp Rock 2 and Camp Rock?

Demi: My hair was darker! [Laughs]. My character was different. I feel like I was more myself in the second movie just because it’s more current. I feel like it was bigger and I was very excited with how it turned out. The choreography was a lot more intense, but I had a blast, dancing for me has become one of my passions.

Thx to OceanUP

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