Selena – TeenHollywood interview

TeenHollywood: Hutch Dano of “Zeke and Luther” plays your boyfriend Henry in the movie. Had you worked with him before? Did you get to have a say in his casting?
Selena: He actually auditioned for my show (“Wizards of Waverly Place”) a couple of times and I’d see him a lot. He’s friends with Jennifer (Stone) so he would come on my set and hang out. So, when he got the part, he texted me and was like ‘hey, I got the part’ and I was like ‘Oh my gosh. I’m so stoked’. So, I really had a great time with him. It was nice to have someone I knew and was comfortable with.
TeenHollywood: Ramona, age nine, has a big imagination and she colors outside the lines in life. Were you like that at her age and, if so, are you still?
Selena: Yes, absolutely. I mean I am still a kid but not completely. I love being silly and enjoying the fact that I don’t have responsibilities in my home. I definitely feel like I can be a kid.
TeenHollywood: For those who haven’t read the books or seen the film yet, why is your character named Beezus? Such a weird name.
Selena: When she was little, she couldn’t say Beatrice so it became Beezus.
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