Selena on Demi & Cory Monteith!

New Selena Gomez interview with Popstar!

-On what makes a true friends: ‘I just think that friends in general, it’s a hard thing and a wonderful things because you’re in a position where you’re changing and you’re constantly becoming a different person and you’re growing and you’re tyring to figure out who you are.’

-On Monte Carlo costar Cory Monteith: ‘He’s awesome! He’s so sweet! He’s just a really cool guy! He makes everyone laugh and he’s all about having a good time and just being a normal guy. I really respect that because Glee is such a popular show and he’s just kind like, ‘Hey! It’s fun, I love what I do, I’m lucky!’ So it’s really cool!’

-On how filming Ramona & Beezus was different from Wizards: ‘I’ve only done TV movies and my show and this i my frist theatrical film and I was completely nervous. I was taken out of my family. When I was on set, I really had to focus on the character and I had to everything on my own!’

-On Demi friendship: ‘I love her. I completely love her and her whole family to death. I will always talk extremely highly of her and I and I always have. I’m a huge fan of everything that she does! I think right now that I’m going through a phase in my life that I’m just figuring out who I want to be and where I want to go and there’s obviously things that happen, things that go on in your life that you have to handle and deal with, but I love her and I always have and I always will and I’m so ‘Team Jemi!’


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