Selena – New York Daily News interview

Selena did an interview with New York Daily News. Its pretty awesome! Plus it features a new photo which is absolutely gorgeous! Take a look by clicking on it.

Read the interview below:

Selena Gomez has accomplished more in her 18 years than most people pull off in 70. The teenage beauty has already appeared in three television movies, released a debut album, which was certified gold, and produced her own Kmart clothing line. Now the star of Disney Channel’s “Wizards of Waverly Place” takes to the big screen as Beezus Quimby in the cinematic adaptation of author Beverly Cleary’s classic “Ramona and Beezus.”

In your new movie, you play the older sister, Beezus. Could you relate to the character?
I think every teenage girl understands what Beezus is going through. She is very responsible and I admire that. When I was younger I always wanted to please my parents. I wanted to come home with an amazing drawing or amazing painting or something and say, “Are you proud of me?” This family is very similar to my family. The kids want to impress the parents and the parents are going to say they love what their kids create even if it’s the ugliest thing.

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Oh My GOD! It’s finally here! Dream Out Loud has finally launched! They posted on facebook:

-Check out your local KMART or KMART.COM– product has hit the stores!!! Dream Out Loud in the Juniors area, handbags, accessories-scarves, belts, socks and more!!
-Hey New York City DOL Fans — Check out Kmart on 34th street at Penn Plaza — merch is in and the shop is set up!!!! Tell all of your friends!!
-Dream Out Loud has officially LAUNCHED in the U.S. only at Kmart and!!!! Check it out!!
-Dream Out Loud Fans — wear your favorite DOL outfit and take a picture! We’ll be posting some of the fan pictures starting next week! We’ll let you know how to submit soon… More

Selena & Joey – Birthday Adventure!

Last year Joey spent her birthday with Selena and her family! She pierced her ears when she turned 10 so watch the video to see her reaction!

Two new photoshoot pictures!

We added two new photoshoot pictures of Selena. First is from the 100% Jovem magazine photoshoot and the second is from People‘s magazine, The world’s most beautiful people issue. Both photos are gorgeous!


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