Demi’s San Diego concert! [Pictures]

From a fan that was at the concert:
Just got back from the Demi Lovato concert in San Diego and it was AMAZING:) I was in the VIP section, it was sooo hot and the guy behind me got arrested. Also, someone passed out and an ambulance came and got her, so the concert got delayed.

I stood in line for 5 hours to get a good seat in VIP. She sang Don’t Forget and she got a little teary.. ahemm Joe Jonas. She also brought up a cute little girl to sing This Is Me! Meet and Greet: The people at Microsoft were very strict, and Demi had her own poster she would sign! But I had a picture of Demi and Miley I wanted signed. The lady said NO!

And she offered to hold it while I met Demi, but I said no. I printed out my own picture, so I wanted it signed. I hid it in my purse and when I met Demi, I had her sign the pic of her and Miley. Demi said ‘AHH.. such a cute picture’ ..and laughed with her Demi laugh.

Check out the photos below, she really looked pretty & we’re sure she totally rocked it!!


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